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World Book Day in P1

The Masked Reader

Inspired by the TV show The Masked Singer, staff at Royal Mile Primary School have used their creativity superpowers and created the video below.

Primary 1 enjoyed it so much, they decided to make masks instead of designing their potato book characters.

For more fun world book day tasks, open the file below.

I’m looking forward to seeing all your amazing POTATOES!

Homework – JASS

If you completed some JASS activities during home learning, you can use these same activities/photos.  The pupil needs to complete the task mostly on their own so that they can be proud of it. More ideas: a 500 piece puzzle, 10 origami animals, sewing/knitting, draw/paint by numbers picture.

If you are not sure, please contact school so that we can help you. We want all pupils to earn their certificates!