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Primary 1 – Week Beginning 1.3.21

It has been so lovely having you all back. I’m so excited to see what we will create this week!

Homework – JASS

This week we updated our ‘about me’ page in our JASS folders. For the next 2 weeks your homework will be to work on your My Interests section. Today you have taken home the sheet below to fill in. If you would rather, you can download this sheet on a computer at home and add photographs and explanations. If you completed some JASS activities during home learning, you can use these same activities/photos. Please email the document to This must be completed by the 15th March.

To find out more about JASS click here.

Homework – Reading

Reading will resume this week. We read in class on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The folder will go home on Thursdays and needs to be returned on Mondays.

Education City

There’s nothing new on Education City this week but take a moment to see if you have any unfinished tasks in your homework and/or classwork areas.


This week we were learning to predict and test. We each chose 5 items and predicted (guessed) if they would float or sink then we tested them and recorded our answers.

[My favourite part of the week was] “playing in the water tray” Bryce

Try at home – Lemon and lime. Do they both float? Do they both sink? What happens if you peel them?


My favourite part of the week was… “Bubbles” Ragad and Mariam


We have been working on our gross motor skills (big movements) including playing with the parachute (moving our arms up and down), and throwing and catching with lots of different shapes such as a Frisbee, hoops, foam javelins and bean bags.

What was your favourite part of the week?

  • “Going under the parachute” Micah
  • “The parachute and tidying up” Leyla
  • “I like playing with the parachute” Theodora
  • “Sitting in the parachute” Luara
  • “Running under the parachute” Mohammed

At home – Try making something soft that you can throw and catch like a pair of socks or gloves. If this is too tricky, try a balloon – the slow movement and larger size should make this easier.


This week we were learning about the Christian story of Noah’s Ark. The animals went in 2 by 2… Listen to the song below!

Learning for the week beginning 1.3.2021

If you wish to find out what we will be learning this week, click the file below!

If you have any questions, pop me an email at titled ‘For Miss Copeland’