Primary 4 Blog

Friday 26th Feb 2021

Good morning P4,

End of the week and it’s back to our JASS morning. Today we will be focussing on “Me and my world” and “Adventure”. Within the plan, there are some examples of things you could do, but I am sure most of you have thought of your own ideas to do for these topics. Remember to do things for yourself and what you are interested in. Take notes, pictures, make drawings and evidence all your hard work to put into your JASS folders. Remember to share your work with me too.

At 10.30am we also have our first whole class catch up on TEAMS. I hope you can all see the notification on the calendar for this call, so click on the “join” button at 10.30am and we shall see each other virtually!

Have a good day and a lovely weekend,

Mrs Ho