We are so excited

to welcome you back to school! 🙂

Keep your eyes peeled for photos of what we get up to in class and on our playground!

Please remember to regularly check

You may like some extra practice with

Feel free to keep checking out Ms Finlayson’s ‘Support for Learning’ blog for that!


WEEK commencing 22nd February:

Please take a good look at this picture and continue the story below!

Ms Brunner will return your homework folder to you on Monday! Please use the paper in your folder to continue the story and return it by Thursday, 24th February.

I can’t wait to read and share all your stories!

2 thoughts on “WELCOME BACK P3

    1. rmpstaff Post author

      Thank you for checking for updates on our blog! Looking forward to seeing you in school! MsBrunner 🙂


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