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Tuesday 16th February – P1

Buenos días everyone! Below is your timetable for today.

Some pupils have their virtual class chat with me today. Remember you can dress up if you would like to!

News from Antarctica

Bryce completed the task “Ask a scientist” by writing 3 questions he wanted to know about Antarctica. I shared Bryce’s 3 questions with Mr Sugden, a scientist who has visited Antarctica lots of times and below is his reply! Enjoy!

Dear Miss Copeland, How much snow? If you melt the snowfall it ranges from about 30 cm per year near the coast to near desert conditions near the South Pole.  But it blows around a lot, especially if you put up an obstacle like a tent. Food. In remote camps it is mainly pre-packaged and you add boiling water to a packet, close it for 5 minutes and then eat it out of the packet.  Most effort is spent on melting snow and ice for water. On bases they have specialist cooks and the meals are extremely good. Penguins.  Yes there are lots of penguins near the coast but not in the middle of Antarctica where there are very few birds of any type. I will attach a photo of an Adelie Penguin on the Antarctic Peninsula. The photo was taken at this time of year, their summer. Some day hopefully, I can drop in and meet your class. Best wishes, Mr Sugden

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