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Fantastic Friday Primary 2

Welcome to this week’s

We have A LOT to share this Friday before we go off for the holidays. Since we had the puzzle focus last week I’ve got some things to share from that week that didn’t get a chance to be shared as well as a range of work from this week.


First – with the current votes I have, Mary and the Twelve Months is winning in our favourite story of the 4 we had been looking at! The Four Singers is close, followed by Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs leaving Little Red Riding Hood last in our votes so far. If you haven’t told me which you liked most, do drop a comment below and thank you to everyone who has told me, commented or otherwise let me know!

Books and Stories

With the theme of thinking of books we enjoyed, here is some work from Frankie, Ali, Nyah, Jack and Eliska on the ‘I like this story…’ work. Jack and Maryam shared photos of some of the books they were reading over the last two weeks. Arwa even shared her favourite story she’d been reading too.

I have been very proud of the different ways the boys and girls of Primary 2 have been answering a range of questions and tasks. In our capital letters and full stops work, I got a range of brilliant answers and here are some of the ways people answered as shown by Arwa, Eliska, Daniel, Jack and Nyah.

And let’s share the stories I’ve received so far! I’ve been really impressed by what I’ve seen! Have a look at Ameerah, Dhruv, Jack, Eliska, Nyah, Frankie, Arwa and Ali‘s stories!

It was also really nice to see the different ways people have been working to practise their sounds work across our a magic e, ai, ay, e magic e, ee and ea sounds work. Here are some examples from Arwa, Daniel, Eliska, Frankie, Jack, Nyah and Maryam:

Topics and Themes

We also have to share fantastic Chinese New Year work from Nyah, Eliska and Jack!

Here’s a range of great work from our Judaism topic (looking at symbols), our resilience work (including the goals we were thinking about setting, how we learnt from mistakes, the sorts of inventions we might make) and our Spanish work from Eliska, Ali, Arwa, Jack, Nyah, Daniel and Frankie

We have had so many awesome pieces of work from our Continent work! Let’s share some of the Burns and Scotland work here too! Thank you to Mehtap, Frankie, Nyah, Jack, Eliska, Ali and Arwa for some superb contributions!

Do have a look at Ali‘s video about his continent task

Ali‘s continent task:

and have a listen to some of the Czech folk music that Eliska was investigating!

Czech folk music link:

Also have a look at how Jack used a picture image to use to create a model of the Matterhorn Mountain! This can be found in the Alps mountain range between Italy and Switzerland. What a super effort!

Maths and Numeracy

For Numeracy and Maths, we have had some fantastic work on looking at our adding and taking away words, as well as some colourful posters. We have had some superb efforts at our ‘balancing the scales’ work as well as the measure word problems we were doing and the addition and subtraction problems work. Here’s a selection from Maryam, Nyah, Jack, Eliska, Frankie, Ali, Arwa and Daniel.

Lastly, I am going to share some of the super measure work you did the week before from Iona, Arwa, Eliska, Nyah, Maryam, Frankie, Daniel and Jack. This includes some of our measure scavenger hunt work, a fantastic measure poster from Nyah, our work on capacity as well as photos of some super capacity exploration from Eliska and Iona (including baking) and Jack (who wrote down what he did too), some length measuring from Arwa, and some extra measure work from Maryam. Thank you to Daniel and Frankie too in your efforts to record your capacity work!

Mehtap leaves us with this quiz entry too, can you solve it?

I still need to share some of the super work people have been doing with JASS but I’ll have to save that for our next Fantastic Friday as we have had to catch up on a lot of awesome work already! Please look forward to it.

Finally, we come to…

Star of the Week

Congratulations to


for being our Star of the Week this week for

super efforts in her work especially her superb creations for her topic work!

And finally, a big round of applause to everyone in Primary 2 who has been trying their best and working hard from home this week!

Have a lovely weekend all and I look forward to seeing you Tuesday 16th, after the holidays! Enjoy the holidays and remember – have fun!

Fondest Regards,
Mrs Aylward