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A very warm WELCOME to celebrate all the

in Primary 3 on

Have a look at some of our accomplishments this week including equal groups, Chinese New Year, Orangutans, Number of the day and more:

for regularly accessing all learning platforms (blog, education city, active learn, TEAMS) and making fantastic contributions in all subjects!

More sharing success from P3 – Spanish, exercise, reading, RWI, fractions, ASIA and much more:

also to all the AMAZING boys & girls who completed their house charts by earning so many

and receiving a special certificate.

P3 & families for your all your hard work & tremendous participation!

Have a lovely holiday!

Looking forward to seeing you on our blog on Tuesday, 16th February!

4 thoughts on “FANTASTIC FRIDAY in P3”

  1. Hi Ms Brunner
    Have a great holiday.
    Did you like my Lego model of the Great Wall of China? I love making Lego models.
    Theo x

    1. Hi Theo! Thank you so much for your comment! I haven’t received that email yet. I can’t wait to see your lego model! The World wonders are a super challenge! You could also practice making equal groups! 🙂 ENJOY THE SNOW!!! 🙂

  2. Today is my Birthday and I am turning 8 yers old 😁🍨🍔🎁🎂

    1. Oh WOW! Happy Birthday, Victoria! I hope you had a lovely day! 🙂 MsBrunner

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