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P4 – Friday 5th February

UPDATED – Friday’s Plan now attached. (Apologies for the mistake in the upload.)

Hello everyone,

It is our last day before the holidays. Today is a JASS day focusing on the “Me and My World” and “Adventure” sections.

We are trying to make this a screen free day across all classes in the school. After you read through the lessons for today plan your activities so that you don’t need a laptop, tablet or phone screen.

You’re aim is to only use a screen once during today’s school day – for Joe Wicks at 9:00.

Top tip – Write out anything you think you’ll forget on a piece of paper.

Share how you’ve gotten on, if you can.


Thank you,

Mr. Madine

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  1. Not sure it its a problem on my end but when I click the link to see tomorrow’s work it’s coming up Wednesday’s work.

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