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Fantastic Friday in Primary 1

⭐Hello Superstars! ⭐

Every time I receive an email you put a massive smile on my face. I can’t express enough how proud I am of you and how amazing you and your families are. We only have one week to go now until half term when you will be able to have a much deserved rest!

On Monday we celebrated Burns Day. We had a go at rhyming some words, drawing a wild haggis, wearing our tartan and eating some haggis of course

Antarctica Project – icebergs, penguins, clothing and cars

JASS – The floor is lava, making bird feeders, going to the food bank, making cards for neighbours, exploring new places and sledging. It looks like you have all had so much fun!

Spanish – ¿Qué tiempo hace? and y Mi Cuerpo

RME – Lots of you told me that you had a chat about this week’s story which is great! Bryce did a fantastic job at writing his answers down ⭐

Ragad and Micah had a go at drawing the frog from the story Oi Frog! aren’t they brilliant!

Samar, Micah and Bryce have been building their resilience by thinking about beautiful oops and had a go at building machines ⭐

Maths – WOW! Greater Alligator must have a very big tummy now. It has eaten a lot this week. You are all doing brilliantly at counting forwards and backwards too. Luara made some wonderful number houses to help her⭐

Literacy – This week we have been focusing on the sound ‘th’ and some have been revising ch and sh. We were also writing tall letters.

⭐Last week, Theodora shared that her dream was for no one to be homeless. She shared her dream with MSP Ruth Davidson and this was her reply!⭐

Why don’t you reply to this post with a big HELLO and share a message for a friend or the whole class for everyone to read? Or maybe a big THANK YOU for Mum, Dad, Granny, Grandpa who has been helping you learn at home?

Adiós for now!

Miss Copeland


Thank you to everyone who tried to join our class calls this week. It was lovely to see your smiling faces. Next week you are welcome to dress up if you want to. We will be playing some games and going on a ‘treasure hunt’ in our homes!

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  1. Miss Copeland – it looks like Primary 1 have been really busy and having a great time enjoying their learning. Please can you give Bryce a housepoint from me for his super writing!
    Mrs Jessop

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