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Fantastic Friday in Primary 2 (22nd January)

We have reached the end of another week!

Welcome to our second

A BIG thank you to all the boys and girls who have been working from the blog, on Active Learn and Education City or having Mum or Dad email me work. I have seen (as has Mrs Jessop!) lots of you working away from home and I want you to know I appreciate your efforts.

Let’s share some Super Working

I love to see the different ways people are practising their sounds! There’s some super thinking and effort on show today from Ali, Maryam, Dhruv, Eliska, Frankie, Kim, Sariah, Thomas and Neki here!

Lots of people were keen to share their answers for the Moses quiz! Well done on some clear answers boys and girls, and thank you to those people, like Eliska, who had their answers emailed in! Thomas, Daniel, Ali and Jack shared these with me too. I was really impressed with the detail in your answers and that you were working to answer in sentences.

We were thinking about Martin Luther King Jr. and his dream this week. People sent in their dreams or project work on their dreams as well as their super shoes!
Maryam, Ali, Ameerah, Mehtap and Eliska sent in this work and Eliska even made a video from her picture and puppets of the house, family, friends and animals together for the Dream project!

Eliska’s video – showing her Dream Project

It’s super impressive to see the creative ways you’ve been doing your work!

I was told by lots of you that you were enjoying the measure work this week. There was a range of super thinking on show! People really used their measure words and explored measuring the weight and volume of objects at home. We didn’t forget our length or heights either! We had a real think of what we are measuring in our objects (height, width, volume, weight?) and how.
Thank you Daniel, Frankie, Kim, Ali, Jack, Neki and Maryam for these super pictures!

I am loving all the different things Primary 2 are doing as part of our Continent topic and our Europe focus! Thank you to Sariah, Neki, Eliska, Maryam, Jack and Ali for these pictures!

And lastly, thank you for all your pictures on your interests from JASS as well as your yoga or exercise and outdoor moments! It is important to have fun! Thank you to Dhruv, Frankie, Jack, Mehtap and Maryam for these photos! I am both delighted to see such fun moments and impressed by the efforts shown below.

I hope you’ve been as inspired by these pieces of work as I have been this week Primary 2! I am delighted to have seen this and more from you all, keep up the super work and effort!

Finally, let’s move to…

Star of the Week

Congratulations to


for being our Star of the Week this week for

her resilience in applying herself to her online work, and in keep trying a task she found tricky.

And finally, a big round of applause to everyone in Primary 2 who has been trying their best and working hard from home this week.

Have a lovely weekend all and I look forward to seeing you on Monday! I look forward to chatting with you next week! Stay tuned to the blog during the week to keep up-to-date.

Fondest Regards,
Mrs Aylward