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Fantastic Friday!

It’s Fantastic Friday again, where we showcase pictures of the amazing work and play sent in by our children at nursery and at home! This week we have all been reading and learning about The Hungry Caterpillar. Ava has been very busy painting and drawing beautiful colourful fruit pictures and she made an amazing caterpillar! Mustapha has been continuing to learn about the Gruffalo; he made an excellent Gruffalo mask, he went on an adventure to collect materials and used them to make a wonderful house for a snake! Mason made a brilliant caterpillar picture and fed him lots of colourful fruit and did a great job doing some yoga! Rievah has been doing some amazing writing and has been having fun in the snow sledging and building great snowmen! Aisha went on a fun adventure outside and showed her brilliant tree climbing skills, she has also been talking about food and playing fun cooking games with her little sister! Yasmine has been playing lots of fun imaginary games with her dolls! Oskar did a great job colouring in and cutting out an excellent Gruffalo mask!

Thank you so much for posting these lovely pictures, it’s great to see all the fun you’re having and the brilliant work you’re doing! Please keep posting pictures to the Learning Journals and contact us if you need any help in accessing them.

In the nursery we have also been enjoying reading and talking about The Hungry Caterpillar story, we made our own giant caterpillar and have been feeding it lots of yummy food. We have used paint and cut out paper to make our own caterpillar pictures. We talked about the colours of all the different food that the caterpillar ate and coloured them in and we have been playing fun caterpillar counting games. We had fun discussions about the variety of food we eat at snack and lunch and we made some gingerbread men out of playdough! We have enjoyed the snow and even brought some in to play with in the water tray!