Primary 1 Blog

Tuesday 1st December

St Andrew’s Day!

Monday was St Andrew’s Day. We learnt about the Scottish flag and the Saltire Cross and coloured in some bunting to decorate the room.

We have also been learning a Scottish dance form called Ceilidh Dancing!

If you want to try out the Canadian Barn Dance at home, here is a video with traditional music

The instructions we say are…

“Forwards, 2, 3, hop. Backwards, 2, 3, hop. Away from your partner *clap* , and back to your partner *hold hands*, hello, hello, goodbye, goodbye. and lets spin a-round a-gain!”

But the dance also goes very well to this song too!

Primary 6 Buddies

Primary 6 are Primary 1’s buddies. Normally we would meet up however because of the germs, we can’t right now.

Primary 6 made us a video and photo instructions with how to make some Christmas decorations!

“We needed to stick the face on” and “Put the pipe cleaner in the hole in red and white to make a pattern” Bryce.


Primary 1 have done an excellent job at learning how to draw analogue clocks and make and read o’clock times on analogue and digital clocks.

Have a go at playing this game at home (requires Flash)

Tell the time in the sky