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St Andrew’s Day Story SWAY, Homework and P.E. information!

Happy St Andrew’s Day!

We have a lot to share with you this afternoon!

Storytelling SWAY

Please enjoy our story of Greyfriars Bobby! We made the pictures to go with the story. Please let us know what you think!

P.E. update

As we are doing a Daily Mile almost every day, Friday’s P.E. slot will more often be an Outdoor Learning slot. We will continue to prioritise being outside and being active for P.E. so in general, please ensure that weather-appropriate clothing is worn each day.

Thursday will be our main P.E. session while we do our walks Monday to Thursday.

General homework for 30th November 2020

We are still accepting selfies for Road Safety Week work so please do send in a picture of you wearing a helmet this week if you would like to be included in this!

For Literacy – There is a task for your child’s tricky words and a writing task for your sounds (gl, pl and sl).
Maths – There are still some activities for you to look at on Education City this week looking at adding and/or taking away. Please complete 2 games to consolidate on our work in adding and take away strategies.
Reading – Reading books will continue to go home this week on THURSDAY, please ensure that these are returned on Monday. Spelling and Maths work should be returned/completed on Thursday and will go out again on the following Monday.