Primary 4 Blog

P4 – Week 23/11/20

Some things from this week.



We were practising the “aw” sound. There are 2 “aw” sounds, “aw” and “au”. We can find our “aw” sound at the beginning (awful), middle (yawn) or at the end (claw) of a word.


We continued reading our Ottoline and the Yellow Cat reading book. The boys and girls have been asked to read chapters 9 and 10 for homework via their Active Learn e-book.

Maths and Numeracy

2 digit addition with carrying / exchanging. We were revising how to complete these vertical calculations when the units total more than 10. There are 3 learn screen in the Maths folder on Education City that will help continue this learning.

Other Areas

Topic – We furthered our learning of the Jacobite’s and their defeat at the Battle of Culloden. The pupils began to make a drama with puppets they made to help people learn about this part of Scottish history.

Science – We continued our learning of the skeleton and the scientific names for some bones in the body.

Health and Wellbeing – We had an assembly from the NSPCC and it helped remind the pupils of their rights and how they can stay safe. The theme for this year was “Speak out. Stay safe!”.