P3’s Storytelling in November

Happy St Andrews Day – The Saturn Herald

Primary 3 enjoyed listening to the beginning of the Scottish Tale

‘The wee bannock’!

The Wee Bannock

We had a lot of fun teaming up and thinking of different ways for the story to continue. We particularly enjoyed acting out our versions of the story!

Most of all we liked creating our own booklets and presenting our endings.

We hope you will like them too! 🙂

Here are some more of our masterpieces:

And even more…

Keep reading for more fantastic stories…

Last but not least…

Do you know any other Scottish tales? P{lease use the paper in your homework folder and write it down! Looking forward to hearing all about them in class!
See You Soon

5 thoughts on “P3’s Storytelling in November

    1. Sharron

      Hi P3, love your super work!!! Has helped me feel a little better. I’ll see you soon.
      Mrs Macaulay

      1. rmpstaff Post author

        So lovely to hear from you! Looking forward to seeing you soon!

    2. rmpstaff Post author

      Thank you for getting in touch! Check out this week’s wand activity and use the paper provided in your homework folder! See you Monday!

    3. rmpstaff Post author

      Thank you so much Victoria for continuing to show great interest! You are a star!

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