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November 20th – Primary 2 Week in Review

We have had a busy few weeks in Primary 2 and some catching up to do with our Weekly reviews! This week was Road Safety Week across the school and you will have already seen the JRSO hard at work with their challenges.

Last week was Antibullying Week and we had a think about what we can do to help or deal with bullying. We thought again about good friendships and decided “Be kind, be happy, be nice” was a good way to prevent bullying in the first place.

This week we were inspired by the book How Many Trees? and we made art using natural materials and our usual art supplies. We started to look at ways to keep fit in P.E. and have started doing a ‘daily mile’ walk almost every school day which allowed us to to practise what we know about Road Safety and to gather our resources for art.

We have had some good discussions around


in our Road Safety work this week and we are working well to think about where and when is safe to cross as we go out and about. Have a look at this quiz (or the other activities on the site) to think about safe routes to walk.

For our Maths and Numeracy, we had a look at identifying different fractions and have moved on to looking at our adding strategies. We were looking at adding using a numberline this week.

Rocket Mole and How Many Trees? inspired us in our work this week in literacy and art and even some numeracy as we started to tally up our preferred places to visit from Rocket Mole. We had a go at

In Literacy we finished up looking at the last of our ‘r blends’ with fr, gr, pr and tr. We had a look at these two games to look at the whole set of ‘r blends’: (uses Flash)

We started to look over our Spanish again, looking at colours. Please enjoy the following video and we will see you next week!