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Monday 16th November


We have been continuing our Time topic.

Day is when our side of the earth points towards the sun.

Night is when our side of the earth points away from the sun.

Check out this BBC Bitesize video and quiz

Seymour and his friend giving a presentation about the Earth.

The seasons

There are 4 seasons in a year. November is an autumn season.

Every day this week we have been recording the weather. Autumn has lots of mixed weather. We have had fog, cloud, wind, rain and sunshine this week!

Learn about the seasons, weather and world and help Captain Carrot on his voyage to collect gold coins!

Or try this BBC Bitesize Seasons quiz

Our Senses

Can you play this game to test your knowledge of your senses? > Senses game

Our senses tell our brain what is happening around us. Our senses help to keep us safe. On Friday we completed different challenges to test how good our senses are!

Throwing and catching

We have been practising our throwing and catching but this week with different sized balls! We played a race where one team had a small ball and one team had our giant ball. The giant ball was much easier to throw and catch because it is easier to see with our eyes!

This week…

This week is going to be so exciting because it is Book Week Scotland AND Road Safety Week! We will be going out and about so make sure you have your waterproofs and wellies please 🌧️☔