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Black History Month in P1

Here is a photo of our finished Black History Month poster. Great job, P1! I would also like a say an enormous WELL DONE to our three brave assembly speakers, Andy, Rayan and Luara for practising lots and remembering their words! ⭐ 

If you would like to learn more about the people in our poster, click the links below to the Black History Month website page.

Frank BaileyRosa ParksWilston Samuel Jackson

9 thoughts on “Black History Month in P1”

  1. Chris- They are really good drawings.
    Alya- I think it’s colourful.
    Julian- There are nice photos from the 60’s


  2. I love your postal of black history month bye see you later.

  3. We really like your colours and that you were learning about Rosa Parks like us. From P4.

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