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Monday 9th November


Check your Education City homework page for your Days of the Week revision!

We have been learning about the days of the week.

We know that we come to school on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday but not the two S days, Saturday or Sunday! Saturday and Sunday are called the weekend because it is the end of the week! The very Hungry Caterpillar eats lots of different food on different days of the week. We can sort the days in the right order and sort the food on to the correct days.

If you’ve finished your Education City tasks, have a go at the games below to practise your days of the week knowledge.

BBC Bitesize – Days of the Week

Bonfire Night

The 5th of November is Bonfire Night. On this day some people have bonfires, fireworks and sparklers. We each created a piece of art with chalk pastels, glue and glitter.

Why do people wear poppies?

We watched this video and talked about how the music changes, how it gets darker and how it is a little bit scary. It shows that there have been some sad and scary times in the past. World War I was a very scary time. A war is like a big fight. This fight lasted for a very long time and lots of people sadly died. Poppies are the red flowers which grew on the fields when the fighting ended. Some people wear poppies because it helps them to remember people who have died. Sadness is a feeling and it is okay to feel sad sometimes.

Primary 1 helped the school to make lots of poppies which we used for our River of Poppies art work. First, we drew a poppy shape on the red foam and cut it out. Next, we cut a little circle out of black cotton. Miss Copeland then helped push in the split pin in and we bent the metal at the back to hold it together. Can you spot ours in the photo below?

P.E – Ball Skills

Are you a ninja at throwing and catching? Can you try the challenge below?

How many different things of different shapes and sizes can you throw and catch? A toilet roll, , a pillow, a pair of socks, a banana, a rubber, a tissue, a grain of rice? Make sure you check with an adult that what you’re using doesn’t have any sharp edges. Have some fun!