Monday 2nd November

Happy November everyone! Last week was a 4 day week and Friday was our Halloween Party Day!


Our new maths topic is time. This week we have looked at:

  • Day and night
  • Yesterday, today and tomorrow
  • How the time effects what we eat: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We have been using some of our resources in our P.E lessons

  • Doing a different warm up activity each time we turn the sand timer over
  • Timing how long it takes us to run to the wall and back
  • Counting how many times we can throw and catch the ball in 30 seconds
  • We finished off by playing the game What’s the time Mr Wolf 🕒🐺

In our painting area some children chose to have a go at painting an analogue clock face

CVC words

We have been making and reading lots of words this week using magnetic letters, white boards and pencils

Halloween Party Day

  • After looking at a few designs, we each created our own pumpkin decorations [planning, fine motor skills]
  • We played Toss the hoop on the witches hat [gross motor skills]
  • We played Pin the tail on the cat [gross motor skills]
  • We played Musical Statues [listening skills, gross motor skills, dance, big deal/little deal]
  • We had lots of yummy treats thanks to the Parent Council!

Black History Month

This week we learnt about a woman named Rosa Parks. We think she was really cool because she helped to change a law which meant that if you had dark skin you had to sit at the back of the bus. We each drew ourselves on the bus wherever we wanted to sit!


P1 read at school on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. On Thursday, they take their reading folders home to read with you and to complete their homework sheet over the weekend. The reading folder with record, book and completed homework sheet must be returned to school on Monday or Tuesday at the latest so the books can be quarantined.

There is space in the reading record to tick ✓ that they have read, and space to write a comment. You can write any questions you have, any news that you think may effect your child (unwell relative, period of bad dreams or reason they were unable to complete the homework tasks) or simply a happy comment.

Education City

Remember to check the tasks set for you in the homework area!

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