This Week in Primary 2 12th-16th October

As we come up to our first proper holiday week in Primary 2 we were working hard on our buildings as part of Our Community topic! Last week we had thought about the jobs people could have and made some stick people and this week we thought about the sort of buildings around us and what sort of buildings we could make ourselves. We thought about the design of the building itself and the furniture and other things inside our chosen building. We thought about the types of materials we might need for our ideas and you should have seen the fruits of our efforts already.

In Literacy we focused on our sounds and tricky words work this week. You can practise oi spellings here and oy spellings here. Below are some of the other activities we did with our sounds. We are working hard to use our sounds to spell our words with them and to know what any words we are using mean.

In our maths work, we continued looking at properties of shapes and started looking at symmetry. We looked at curved and flat faces on shapes and continued to name and identify properties of 2D shapes and 3D objects. Some people found the shape symmetry trickier while others found the pattern symmetry choice trickier.

Having a real look at curved and straight faces in our 3D objects alongside some games naming our 3D objects and looking for properties in our 2D shapes.

This was our last week with Mr Reid from Active Schools and we went out to Holyrood park!
(pictures to come – please do come look back later!)

Finally, a big shout out and thank you to everyone in Primary 2 for working so well from August until this October holiday!

Mrs B and Mrs Aylward look forward to seeing you back in school on the 27th of October!

Have a lovely holiday! Make sure to have fun!