Friday 16th October

Happy Holidays Primary 1!

I hope you all have a lovely half term and I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 27th October. Just before the weekend starts, let’s have a look at some lovely moments from this week.

Outdoor Learning

Ooooh it was a soggy one! We had been so lucky with the weather but sadly not on this day. We made a rainbow with red, orange, yellow and green leaves, waved to the friendly police officers and used the trees to protect us when the rain was heavy 🌈🍁🌧

It was our last session with Mr Reid so to say thank you we made him this card of us sitting on our favourite log! After the holidays we will have Mr Segal once a fortnight.

We are all unique!

Our finger prints are unique. No one else in the whole world has the same fingerprints as you! We learnt how to reproduce our fingerprints using a writing pencil and sellotape. We then used a magnifying glass to look closely to see if we could see any patterns.

Samar, Mohammed, Ragad and Laura’s work
Mohammed looking at his fingerprints

We finished our display by adding our photos with speech bubbles saying what makes each of us special. Some of us can write in chinese, some of us can skip, some of us are brilliant at drawing monsters! We are ALL amazing ♥️

The Alphabet

This week our literacy tasks have been focussed around letter formation and CVC word writing. To help with this we have been using our magnetic boards. Each board has the alphabet on it and it is important that once you have used a letter, you put it back where it belongs on the rainbow.
Can you have a go at singing and writing the alphabet at home?

Busy Bee Learning

A team of pupils worked together to make this amazing castle with 3D shapes, adding in the little Stacking cubes around it. We learn so much from each other!


It’s getting colder and wetter as the year goes on. Make sure you are a super speedy zipper hero!

Warm wishes, Miss Copeland