Primary 1 Blog

Monday 12th October

As you may know, last week was Profile Jotter Week. This means that every piece of work we did went into the same jotter. This creates a snapshot of your learning at school. Here are a few things we learnt this week…

Keeping Secrets

Sometimes when someone asks us to keep a secret, it is a bad thing. We get a funny ‘uh oh’ feeling in our tummies and we know it is wrong. If this happens, remember what Pantosaurus says. If someone says to…

…keep it secret then you must tell them “No!”
then go and find someone you trust and tell them straight away.
They’ll say “well done for speaking out” and make it all OK.

Look at our beautifully decorated pants!

Everyday Primary 1 chooses how they want to be welcomed into the classroom. Which one would you choose?

National Post Day

Some secrets feel good, like a surprise birthday cake or Christmas present. At school we have been keeping a good secret. We have secretly been designing and writing postcards this week which we delivered on Friday because it was National Post Day. We hope they will arrive at your houses today or tomorrow!

While we were delivering our postcards, we bumped into the Postal Worker who was emptying postbox! He had a special key which opened the door.

Outdoor Learning

This week we went on a Scavenger Hunt! We split into 2 teams and had to find all of the autumnal things on our list. We were so happy that we managed to find them all! We brought some of the things we found back to the classroom for our Tuff Tray. Can you see the nature face in the photo?


This week we have been working on repeating patterns and growing patterns. Repeating patterns have a rule which repeats over and over again – staying the same. Growing patterns still have a rule but the rule makes the pattern bigger.

1,2,3,4,5,6 is a growing pattern as the rule is +1 and the numbers get bigger.
Using this pattern, we wrote on our whiteboards which number was missing from the pattern.

We are all the same, but different!

Unique, similar and different – RSHP

We played a game called That’s me too! Each pupil stood in front of the class and shared something that they like and everyone who also shared that ‘like’ stood up and yelled, “That’s me too!”. Everyone was so brave and we found out that everyone in our class likes such as teddies, popcorn, ice-cream, donuts, getting house points, flowers and playing hide and seek.

Everybody has different special qualities and these differences make us unique. There are parts of our body that are the same as others and parts that are different such as the colour of our hair, eyes and skin, the length of our hair and if we wear glasses or earrings. We are so fortunate to have so many unique and amazing pupils in our class.

Did you know in our class of 17 pupils we speak 10 different languages? We shared how to say hello in our home languages and some pupils even chose in their golden time to share this with others… “I’ll teach you how to speak in my language, and you can teach me yours!”. Keep being YOU because no one else can! ❤️

Reports and Parents Evenings

You will soon receive a formal report about your child’s progress and be given the offer of signing up for a short phone consultation. If you ever wish to share a query or comment, small or large throughout the year, remember you can pop me an email at or write in your child’s pink Reading Record. If you wish to look further ahead to what your child will be learning about for the rest of the term, have a look at our term 1 organiser.

Warm wishes, Miss Copeland