Profile Jotter Week in Primary 2

In Profile Jotter week we have continued to work with 2D shapes and 3D objects, writing their names and using their properties (the linked game requires flash) such as ‘sides‘, ‘edges‘ and the tricky ‘vertices‘ for 3D objects in particular. We talked about the shapes we could see and gave clues to each other to try and find the shape we were thinking of and we made some models using different 3D objects!

We have been working to write our ideas down more this week and reviewed ‘Class Two at the Zoo‘, ‘Who’s Our New Teacher?‘ and ‘Aaaarrgghh Spider!‘. We also thought about ‘Should school uniforms be banned?‘ as a question for our Big Writing. We had a range of thoughts and ideas on this. Some children thought that we should ban school uniforms and other children disagreed and we discussed why each side thought that way.

We continued to work to use our sounds, oo (here are some games for practising this pattern) and ew (and here are some games for this pattern) and tricky words (saw, he, me)

We continued with Our Community work, finding location on a map of our playground and thinking about the jobs people have. In P.E. we continue to work on ball skills and are beginning to think more about attacking and defending roles in team games.

Have a lovely weekend everyone! We look forward to seeing you on Monday!

Mrs Aylward