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Homework – Thursday 8th October

Dear Primary 1 Families,

Today your child will have homework in their bag!

Their homework pack contains a reading folder (this is what we call the plastic wallet), their pink reading record, an Oxford Reading Tree (ORT) book and a matching homework sheet.

The pupils read at school on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. On Thursday, they take their reading folders home to read with you and to complete their homework sheet over the weekend. The reading folder with record, book and completed homework sheet must be returned to school on Monday so the books can be quarantined.

There is space in the reading record to tick ✓ that they have read, and space to write a comment. You can write any questions you have, any news that you think may effect your child (unwell relative, period of bad dreams or reason they were unable to complete the homework tasks) or simply a happy comment.

We do ask that you follow this simple hand washing routine when reading with your child to reduce the spread of germs.

This week your folders will contain 2 extra items; a loose Education City log-in detail slip to keep at home on the fridge (you may notice that another copy is stuck on the inside page of the reading record) and 3 pages of letter and ‘tricky words’ cards to also keep at home.

Education City Website: there are 6 tasks set for your child in their homework area. These should be completed by the end of the October holiday at the latest. Click the link here to go to the Education City Website.

Letter and Tricky Word Pages: These can be cut up and used as you like. I have included all of the letters and the first group of tricky words. So far, your child should know a, t, p, n, i , s, r, e, h and the tricky words I and the.

Here are a few ideas you can try with your letter cards

  • Try cutting them up and showing a letter. Ask “What is this letter sound?” (a is ‘ah‘) or “What is the name of this letter?” (a is ‘ay‘) – This video may help
  • Try laying them out on a table and asking your child to “point to a”
  • Show a card, say it’s sound then hide it and ask your child to write it with a pencil, paintbrush, in sand or mud!
  • “Can you think of a word that starts with this letter sound?” (a for apple)
  • “Lets make a sentence together that starts with I” e.g. I went to the park. “How many words is that?”

As always, please send any queries to

Warm wishes, Miss Copeland

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