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Primary 2 Homework 28th September

Maths Week remains P2’s homework focus this week. The ‘Shape’ Homework on Education City, under the Homework tab, is still available this week. Please attempt to complete at least any 2 of these by this Thursday if your haven’t already. A new Homework will be assigned next week.

You will find an additional piece of work going home this week, relating to Maths Week, which your child should be happy to talk to you about!
You will either have a ‘Roll, Add and Colour!’ game about 2D shapes. Using a dice, roll it twice, add the two numbers you get together and colour in the matching number on the sheet. The player who colours the most shapes in wins. We have been working with shape this week and naming the 2D shapes we know, can you name all the shapes on the sheet? Can you think of any other shapes? You may alternatively have a map of Edinburgh with places marked on it. Can you give directions to different places using directional language like ‘left’, ‘right’, ‘straight’ or ‘forwards’? Can you describe your route to each other or find different routes between places on the map?

Some extra keen children may bring you both the shape game and the map!
This work does not need to physically come back into class but your child should be able to talk about what you have done by Thursday this week.

Lastly, please re-read ‘Class Two at the Zoo‘ and ‘Who’s Our New Teacher‘ (on Active Learn) and think about which of the three assigned books is your favourite!

New homework ‘folders’ will go home next week. Please take care of these as if they are lost there is a replacement cost. They will have your child’s login information attached (which you should already have a copy of) and will contain any relevant homework for the week within. Further information will come next week as we ease back into this new system.