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This Week in Primary 2 Review and P2’s Termly Descriptor

We had a short week this week and have started thinking about Maths week work! We are looking over shapes and we reviewed what we remembered of our 2D shapes and their names. We made pictures using 2D shapes by drawing around them and later by using these shapes to print in art. We have been hunting for shapes outside and inside and seeing what 2D shapes we can see in 3D objects as we are looking around.

As we prepare for Maths Week we were looking at some of the maths words we were using this week, including the names of shapes and words for directions. We listened to and followed directions from each other and from Mrs Aylward.

We also read ‘Aaaarrgghh Spider!‘ together, looking at the pictures and talking about the story. We then went on to have some people pretend to be one of the family in the book and answer questions from others in the class.

We had a go of drawing a map of a playground and compared our maps of our school’s playground to what was really there. We had a look at a simple map of Edinburgh and places to go on it and tried out giving a partner directions to different locations on the map.

Primary 2 wanted to share this Koo Koo Kanga Roo video!

Lastly, please find linked below the Termly Descriptor for Primary 2 in PDF and Word formats.

This is the plan for learning from September to December in Primary 2.
If you have any questions, as ever, please don’t hesitate to send an email to the admin account for the attention of Mrs Aylward.

Have a lovely weekend all!

Mrs Aylward.