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This week and last week in Primary 2

Hello all! A few updates delayed this post to today so thank you for your patience! To start with, homework will begin the week beginning the 21st September which is next week!
Next week is also Maths Week and a shorter school week, so our homework will be focused on Maths and Numeracy activities to start with.
Everyone should have their logins for Education City and Active Learn now. Please do check to see if you have log in to both sites. Let me know if you haven’t seen the log-in sheets. Your child’s log ins are attached to log-in guidance sheets for Education City and Active Learn which went home for most people last week or before.
If you still have your homework folder from Primary 1, please do send these in with your child to prepare for additional homework activities over the coming weeks. Each folder returned will earn your child House Points!

Last Week in Review

Our Community walk was one of our highlight of the week! We went on a ‘places’ hunt along the Royal Mile, identifying buildings and useful places or things around us such as post boxes, bus stops and different types of shops and buildings.

We have thought about and discussed jobs and places around us in our neighbourhood and will be looking more at mapping in the coming weeks.

In our Health and Wellbeing work we have continued looking at the power of kindness and ways we can ‘fill our buckets’ like in the story ‘Have you Filled a Bucket Today?‘ and our Happiness Wall continues to grow!

We have also been voting for roles in the school! Well done to everyone for voting and to everyone who went for a role as a representative for Art, Health and Wellbeing, ECO or Pupil Council! Congratulations to Elishka, Frankie, Neki and Tendai for being elected and to Maryam, Amelia, Thomas and Hasan for being their deputes!

In Maths we are continuing to focus on revision. We’ve been looking at adding, counting on and ordering and sequencing this week. You may want to look at for some practise with ordering numbers or to practise spotting the patterns in number sequences.

We have some Classwork on Education City with a focus on addition and number bonds games as an other options for games your child might like to play.

In Literacy we are continue to play literacy games with our initial sounds and are revising some of our digraph sounds. Phonics Pop is also a good game for sound recognition for a broader range of sounds that can also be played for free.We had a look at the ai and ay sounds through games this week and you may wish to explore some of the free games on Galactic Phonics for digraph sounds your child already knows.

We started to read Who’s Our New Teacher on Active Learn, guessing at (predicting) what we think might happen before we read the story. This week we have been looking for the clues in the story about the new teacher since we have read the story! Please do feel free to read this or Class Two at the Zoo together, talking about the pictures and what has happened in the story!

Please look forward to seeing what we have been up to this week!