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Primary 2 Friday Review

It has been very busy in Primary 2 since we have started back!
On Friday we will be aiming to post our weekly highlights and share some of our work with you. Please enjoy our first highlights post!

We started by talking and thinking about emotions and what they feel and look like. We have started a Happiness Wall in school. We read both The Colour Monster (by Anna Llenas) and The Colour Monster goes to School in class. 


Thinking about the story after we read it and remembering some of the colours for each emotion of the Colour Monster.

We have been looking at our newest Building Resilience unit – Be Kind. We thought about kind things to do, what was unkind and have started our own kindness tree.

We are growing our Kindness Tree by adding on acts of kindness we see or do!

We have also looked at superheroes and the types of powers they have. Superheroes Unite is a great song to act out to! It has been really popular and Primary 2 wanted to share it on this blog!

While we don’t have those kinds of super powers but we are thinking about our learning powers and how they help us.  We have started by looking at Curiosity this week and started to look at Resilience too. We thought about what we were curious about and what this might look like. We will be looking at Reflection, Creativity, Independence and Cooperation in the coming weeks. 

Lastly we have started Our Community topic! We had a think about the world we live in, all the places and countries we could see and where we are in it. We narrowed ourselves down to Scotland and our city of Edinburgh. We have started to look at our city and the area around where we live and made some lovely silhouettes with cityscapes in our art. We are starting to look at the kinds of jobs people do, and what we want to do when we grow up.

Having a look at a collection of our cityscape art as we start to display our work!

Please look forward to seeing more next week! Education City logins have started to go home and Active Learn logins will start to go home next week. I will update the blog on Monday with regards to logins and how we plan to use them but feel free to check that you can log in and use/see content. If you have any issues to raise, information to pass on or questions about logins, please feel free to email with the subject “For Mrs Aylward.”

In the meantime, remember to have fun and have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Aylward