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Our final Wednesday!

Hello everyone and welcome to our final…


Today I thought we would have a look back at all the wonderful learning you have sent in from home. Letter hunts, painting, cooking, making, drawing, walking looking and playing; what wonderful ways to learn! You have all done fantastically


⭐ I hope you enjoyed our virtual zoo trip yesterday! Can you guess who this is? ⭐

Jack 6.23.

⭐ Jack has been super busy this week, including doing some brilliant writing about his virtual trip to Edinburgh Zoo! Well done, Jack! ⭐

For those of you who have finally been able to see your grannies and grandads and uncles and aunties, I hope you have had a fabulous time! ⭐

Frankie 6.19.

Check back on Friday for our final post before summer!

Stay safe superstars!

Big thumbs up, Miss Copeland and Oreo