Our Trip to the Zoo

Today we are going on a virtual whole school trip to Edinburgh Zoo!


Start your day with this great zoo story, DEAR ZOO, read by author Rod Campbell.

9:00 – Bus: First of all we will need to get the bus to the zoo – can you sing a song? This song has special actions called Makaton, can you join in? THE WHEELS ON THE BUS

9.15 – Entering the park and planning our route: Can you make a ticket to go into the zoo? It needs to say ‘ZOO’ on it!

10:00 – Pandas: It’s time to go and see the pandas! Here is the live PANDA CAM from the zoo, if Yang Guang the panda isn’t there just now you can also watch him here.

10.30 – Snack: It’s time for snack, remember to wash your hands first then enjoy your snack.

10.45 – Penguins: Now it is time to go and see the penguins! The zoo has two types of penguins You can see them here PENGUIN CAM and ROCKHOPPER PENGUIN CAM.

11.15 – Tigers and Lions: Up next are the Lions and Tigers which you can watch here – TIGER CAM and LION CAM. Sometimes the animals can be shy, but sometimes they can be seen really close up, look at this video from a different day at the zoo!

12.00 – Lunch: It’s time for lunch! I’m going to have a cheese sandwich an apple and a packet of crisps as a treat!

12.45 – Koala Bears: You can see our last animal for today here – KOALA CAM. The Koala can be very sleepy, and sometimes hides in the trees. This morning he ran across the floor so I hope we spot him again now too!

1.15 – Your favourite animal and Highlights: It’s nearly time to go home. Why not check back on the animals you have seen today and see if they are doing anything different? Sometimes visiting at different times of day means you see different things. This VLOG shows lots of things from the zoo. Which animal was your favourite? Can you draw us a picture?

It’s time to leave the zoo now. If you enjoyed the story this morning, you can listen to Justin reading it here as tonight’s bedtime story! He uses Makaton just like us on the bus this morning too!

We hope you’ve had a great day,

Mrs Peoples and the Early Years Team 🙂