Hello everyone and welcome to…


This is the day where we do a BIG shout out to all of you fabulous hard workers!

Can you draw your favourite superhero? ⭐

⭐ Can you say “Hello” or “Thank you” in 3 different languages?⭐

Can you draw a picture of your favourite animated character and say why they are the best?

⭐ Can you write a message to your fellow classmates/ teacher? ⭐

Can you create a picture using glue paint?

⭐ Can you score 3 goals in 3 different ways? ⭐

⭐ Can you write a review of somewhere you have visited like a museum / zoo or favourite place?⭐

Can you find out by how far apart other cities are from Edinburgh? ⭐

⭐ Can you go on a nature walk and record what insects, birds or other animals you find?⭐

⭐ Golden time is a time when you can do anything you like!

⭐ Education City⭐

Education City trophyOur Online Working Winners this week are…

⭐Hasan ⭐ Maryam ⭐ Kim ⭐ Thomas⭐ Jack ⭐ Eliska ⭐ Frankie ⭐ Mehtap ⭐ Well done for your work on Education City! Keep trying for that 100%!

Oreo wants to give a big shout out to ⭐Maryam Dhruv Frankie Hasan  Jack⭐ who have been earning even more house points for their work on ActiveLearn too! 👍Keep it up👍

👍 A huge well done to everyone who collected coins this week 👍 special mention to Jack who did every single task and has been awarded 10 house points!  👍


TOMORROW is the last day left to send work in to collect house points!

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You are home learning heroes! Big thumbs up,

👍 Miss Copeland and Oreo 👍

p.s. Here are my photos from this week!

Here is a little clip I made for the next year’s Primary 1s. You might like the story 😊