15.6 learning grid

monday More exciting learning opportunities for you!

This week will be the last of the structured grids.

Next week we will focus on reflecting on P3 and moving forward to P4!

15.6 first-level-home-learning

15.6 first-level-home-learning

Here is a reminder of the first 500 most frequently used FRY words:






The beginning of this space story might give you ideas and help you get started…


Here are some steps for success, too:


You might enjoy some times tables colouring!

Don’t look at the answers until you’re done. wink

times tables colouring

sorrythat I won’t speak to you over the phone anymore.
It has been great to speak to you over the last few weeks and hear about what you have been doing. Our school year is nearing its end and in the final week we will be busy celebrating the fun we have had in person and virtually. I look forward to hearing from you by email and in comments on our blog. There will be news about your class teacher and pictures of your classroom for August 2020 on our blog too, so keeping checking in!