P1’s FINtastic WOW Wednesday!

Hello everyone and welcome to a Sharkful …


This is the day where we do a BIG shout out to all of you fabulous hard workers!

⭐ I used 4 instruments to play the tune Baby Shark in the video! 

Cello, saxophone, guitar and an egg shaker

⭐ You all look fantastic singing and dancing to Baby Shark!⭐

⭐ Lots of you really liked watching Shark In The Park!⭐

WOW! You all collected so many stars! ⭐

What brilliant poems you made!

This is my FAVOURITE bit. I was blown away by your creativity!

⭐ Everyone would remember to put their litter in the bin if they saw your fantastic posters! ⭐

WOW! Click on the pictures below to learn about the great white shark, hammerhead shark and friendly whale shark!⭐

⭐ You are still managing to squeeze in other fun activities at home like reading, jelly making, t-shirt designing, Eid celebrating and swan feeding! ⭐

Education City trophyOur Online Working Winners this week are…

⭐Hasan ⭐ Kim ⭐ Ali ⭐ Thomas⭐ Neki ⭐ DhruvWell done for your work on Education City! Keep trying for that 100%!

Oreo wants to give a big shout out to ⭐Hasan⭐ and ⭐Jack⭐ who have been earning even more house points for their work on ActiveLearn too! 👍Keep it up👍

👍 A huge well done to everyone this week who collected coins and special mention to Eliska and Jack who both collected over 25 coins each and have been awarded 10 house points!  👍

Star Award

Frankie and Jack are also super close to finishing another house chart! As always, thank you to those of you who have e-mailed pictures of work in.
The more work you show me, the more chance you have of earning house points!

🌈 Want to say something kind? 🌈

Why don’t you click ‘reply’ to this post and write something kind for other’s to read? You might want to say well done to your friends for their work, or you might even want to say thank you to your family members who are helping you learn!

I am incredibly proud of you all. You are all superstars!

👍 Miss Copeland 👍