More lovely P3 work

hyagain! I hope you are keeping well and staying positive!

We have another ‘Queen of the day’ yippee


Chocolate for breakfast and play time on Fridays sounds just amazing! So kind to think about homeless people too! clap  Just look at the super vco as well!

I bet you are giving loads of people ideas! Thanks again for all your hard work and for sharing!

Amelie had a brilliant idea to tackle the tricky additions this week –


12 + ? = 20

She counted out 20 Lego pieces first. She put 12 in the first tub and checked how many were in the second tub to get the answer to her question! amaz

Casey has also been super busy and definitely got the hang of


I am so glad BITESIZE was so helpful!

More of Casey’s fantastic work:

Super spelling & addition! Great picture of a balanced diet! Thank you for following the link on the learning grid for food technology games! Lovely picture of your ‘back up team’ too! star

wonderingI wonder if anyone can spot Casey’s (deliberate) mistakes in this CARROLL DIAGRAM?