WOW Wednesday in P1

Hello everyone and welcome to…


This is the day where we do a BIG shout out to all of you fabulous hard workers!

Education City trophyOur Online Working Winners this week are…

⭐Hasan ⭐ Maryam ⭐ Thomas ⭐ Neki ⭐ Jack ⭐ Olivia ⭐ Dhruv ⭐ Eliska ⭐ Frankie ⭐ Mehtap ⭐Arwa⭐

Well done for your work on Education City! Keep trying for that 100%!

Oreo has been busy awarding house points to online workers. He said to remind you to check you have completed all of your ActiveLearn tasks too! 👍Keep it up👍

Thank you to those of you who have e-mailed pictures of work in.
The more work you show me, the more chance you have of earning house points!

Well done to ⭐ Olivia ⭐ who has been practising her fine motor skills and learning lots of drawing techniques!

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Super work from ⭐ Jack ⭐ who has been baking, adding, colouring, writing and quizzing!

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Wonderful work from ⭐ Maryam ⭐ who has been baking super yummy biscuits and learning about Victoria Day!

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Fantastic work from ⭐ Frankie ⭐ who invented the coolest flying bus! I would love to travel on that! He has also written 3 beautiful sentences all by himself about how to be kind 

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⭐ Dhruv ⭐ has been busy helping his Mum and Dad make this video and he wanted to share it with you. It looks like he had so much fun making it! There are always activities on our weekly learning grids that won’t add on to your screen time.

House points are being awarded and totalled up… and this week we have some exciting news…

Frankie Jack and Dhruv star award

🌈 Want to say something kind? 🌈

Why don’t you click ‘reply’ to this post and write something kind for other’s to read? You might want to say well done to your friends for their work, or you might even want to say thank you to your family members who are helping you learn! 

👍 Big thumbs up 👍

Miss Copeland and Oreo

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  1. Maryam

    A huge well done to all my friends, their parents and carers and teachers for their amazing work.
    Please stay safe.

    Best Wishes

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