WOW Wednesday in P1

Hello everyone and welcome to…


Wednesday is going to be our new day for doing a BIG shout out to all of you fabulous hard workers, sharing the work from the previous week!

Let’s start with our Online Working Winners!

Education City trophy

Shout out to…

⭐Hasan ⭐ Maryam ⭐ Neki ⭐ Jack ⭐ Dhruv ⭐ Eliska ⭐ Frankie ⭐ Mehtap ⭐Arwa⭐

for your work on Education City. I can see some of you try, try and try again to get that 100% and that is super! You are showing great resilience. Well done!

Super work from ⭐ Jack ⭐ who completed lots of tasks from the Maths Week Learning Wall!

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Wonderful work From ⭐ Frankie ⭐ who went on a walk all the way up to the top of Calton Hill to spot things that were living or not-living, and made a beautiful Spanish Rainbow!

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Fantastic work from ⭐ Arwa ⭐ who completed the marvellous maths box task, adding up some tricky sums!

Arwa 5.15 Number box

House points are being awarded and totalled up…

⭐Keep up the great work⭐

👍 Big thumbs up 👍

Miss Copeland and Oreo