WOW Wednesday

Welcome to wow!

I’m absolutely delighted about how well P3 is doing. I am extremely happy how many pupils are engaging with so many learning opportunities on offer! teacher!

Here are some extra special   shout for some recent outstanding achievementss!

To ISMAIL – for completing a whopping 500 games on edu in the last 2 months! shocked


To AMELIE – I especially love all your ideas to help with your learning such as producing flashcards for your fry spelling words or creating a pointer to

pointer   help you for your reading.


To Patrick – for putting so much effort and care into everything you do – the perfect example is your homemade Ferrari! (I’d love to hitch a lift sometime soon!) ferrari


To Casey – I especially appreciate all your hard work and effort with your writing! I love your stories! I miss EWIC and I can’t wait to read more of your writing! writing

Well done everyone! You received 30 HOUSEPOINTS for all your hard work!

Your cert is on its way (If you haven’t received it already.)


Special celebration from Ms.Brunner:

Last but not least a special mention to TJ who celebrated his birthday last week:

bdVery happy, belated birthday from all of us!
Already looking forward to next wow wed