Hi Everyone, Oreo here!

WOWZERS! You have all been so incredibly busy this week. We have loved seeing all your fantastic work.

Last week we celebrated the 75th Anniversary of VE Day. Well done to ⭐Jack and Frankie⭐  for developing your decoding skills. You both worked out that the secret VE Day Morse Code message said “Well done, you get 10 house points”!

Well done to the amazing alphabet hunters ⭐ Mehtap, Jack and Arwa ⭐ for finding and naming items all the way from A to Z! Super work, team!

Thank you to ⭐ Frankie and Dhruv ⭐  for sending in your lovely pictures for your friends. What a kind thing to do! I’m sure seeing these pictures will make them very happy.

Well done ⭐ Arwa and Frankie ⭐ for your super spelling and magnificent maths!


Miss Copeland and I have been busy keeping in touch with our family by writing to them. We love picking out pretty cards, sharing what we have been doing and putting them in the post box 👍

Miss Copeland often reads books to me and we are always on the hunt for new stories. Do you recognise some of the books we are reading together in the picture below?

⭐Frankie⭐ recommended YOU’RE CALLED WHAT? to me and convinced me that it must be amazing. I straight away went to find it on the bookshelf and asked Miss Copeland to read it to me. That is the power of writing; Frankie persuaded me to read the book with his words! Isn’t that amazing! 

9Frankie 11.5 book review

I hope you enjoy the book as much as we did! Miss Copeland’s favourite animal was the Fried Egg Jellyfish. I liked the Blobfish. Reply to this post and let us know which one of these animals is your favourite!

Due to the bank holiday on Monday, next week’s home learning grid will be posted on Tuesday. Please keep sharing your feedback via email, twitter, or on these blog posts!

⭐Have a lovely weekend⭐