Dear Primary 7

Dear Primary 7,

I hope that you have all had a good week this week. Next week is another four-day week, with a local holiday on Monday, 18th. Therefore, I will be posting the grid on Tuesday and I do not expect you to be working on your day off!

I have been delighted to receive and to see so much of your hard work.

Laura has uploaded lots of her beautifully presented work onto the homework tab of Class notebook and if you have access to this, I ask you to do the same. (Some of you, I know, will be doing that today or as soon as you can).

Gisela emailed me pictures of her maths work, showing some very impressive division and time table problems! Well done!

Prince, Laura, Beda, Naeema, Saim, Oli, Nikki and Emre have been working hard on Education City and Active Learn. Fantastic work!

As you know, we are now issuing house points remotely. I will be keeping track of these as well. I shall share them with you via email or on TEAMS. ( In teams, check the Class Handouts tab in Class Notebook). 

If you haven’t got things into me yet for this week, never fear, it will go onto next week’s tally. For those who have, well done! Keep up the hard work!

As always, if you have any questions or anything to share, please do email it to:

me directly, share it on TEAMS or

For those of you not yet set up with your email, please do read the code of conduct below and let the office know. They will send you your login details.


Thank you to everyone who sent in pictures of themselves in uniform. If I receive any more after this is posted, I will update the post. Check out the staff photos, can you guess who is who?


In other news, we had a virtual murder mystery party at the weekend and the script required us to make a chocolate dessert that could be described as ‘Delicious Death….’. Cue, the most chocolatey chocolate cheesecake I have ever made. See recipe below!

Copper is coming up with more precarious ways to get attention when I am working as you can see from the photo!

I hope you all have a lovely long weekend Primary 7. Keep up the hard work and stay in touch.

Take care,

Miss Kerr 


Delicious Death: Warning-this is a very rich cheesecake. We put half of it in the freezer! In the recipe it says to make a water bath for it, please don’t worry about this. I put a baking tray underneath with some water in it while it cooked and it worked just fine. (REMEMBER: do not take the hot water out until everything has cooled! Take it out the next day before tipping it down the sink).

Ultimate Chocolate Cheesecake