More stars!

Morewell donework coming in from AMELIE!


What sikh experts we are becoming! five

Morewonderlearning being shared by Casey!

Super measure revision there, Casey! lenght

Thank you also for helping Rang-tan tospain!

Keep your fabulous writing up too! I love your beautiful handwriting!

More wonderful learning from Leila!

WOW! Thank you for the amazing amount of work you shared! I am so impressed with all the outstanding work that has been completed onedu

Super addition and subtraction triangles.

wonderingI wonder if anyone else can create a word search and hide our -ke spelling words from this week?

SPELLING word suggestions:






earthquake                   stake                                bake      
remake                           flake                                 make    
dislike                             trike                                 bike 
milkshake                      choke                               joke 
mistake                           fluke                                duke  

keep                                       care3