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I hope you like this week’s activities and have the opportunity to enjoy the lovely weather!

Here are some task on this week’s grid in case you have trouble opening attachments:

First Level Home Learning Grid (P2 – 4) 4/5/20

  • Please monitor the class blogs at and your class Twitter page!
  • Keep reading a book of your choice. Who is your favourite character? Please describe what your character looks like, his appearance, as well as your character’s personality.
  • Let’s practice adding tens then ones to a number. A hundred square might help you.

Add first: 14+30=44
Then add : 44+2=46

(12+8= 25+12= 23+67=)

• This week we are focusing -CK. Give these fun games a try:
• Try and think of some and -ck words, LCWC them three times and draw a picture for each one.
(kick crack pickle)
• Please keep practising your mental agility as much as possible with motivational games such as (number bonds and times tables practice)

• Create a block graph by organising some of your toys – maybe into different colours or categories: images

Please keep sharing comments & pictures of your work. The class Twitter pages is another excellent way of doing this. You might even inspire others too!


Rang-tan has been busy exploring some fiction

We are going to have a look at some stories and explore

talestraditional and non-traditional tales,fairy tales

discuss characters and key fairy-story features.
Rang-tan is so excited too.

See you next week for our fiction e-book (Don’t read this book! on active.learn)

lovely day Stay healthy, busy & positive!