Primary 7 Emails

Good morning Primary 7,

We are in the final stages of setting up your High School personal emails. With these, you can join a P7 class Microsoft Teams online, ask any questions about the home learning grids or online resources and prepare for High School transition.

In order for this to get up and running, there are several steps to be followed:

  1. Please read the P7 code of conduct below and email to confirm that you and your adult have read and agreed to the terms. Please also confirm that your adult is happy for you to use this to communicate with school.
  2. Once we have confirmation that you and your adult have read and agreed, we will send you the login details of your high school email address.
  3. I will send you an invite to join a Class Teams group.
  4. Please do not change your password or login details as remote resets (which means resetting information when not on a school server/in the school building) are not working just now.
  5. It is really important that you follow the rules outlined below and let us know if you are worried that others are not following the code of conduct.


P7 contract ICT 2020

I look forward to hearing from you!

Miss Kerr

3 thoughts on “Primary 7 Emails

  1. Beda johnson

    Is this a school email and password and can I still use my own email? Can I use my own email for social media? Thanks


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