Hello from Oreo!

Hi everyone, Oreo here!

Spring has sprung! The birds are tweeting and the blossom is out.

Miss Copeland has been busy re-potting her plants so they have more space to grow. Can you see all of the roots are squished together? The plants should be happier now they have more space. Hopefully they will grow big red flowers soon!

I thought I would try and learn a new instrument. You need a lot of puff to play the harmonica. I felt a little bit like the Big Bad Wolf… Maybe we can start a band with the instruments that you made last week!

I have also been doing some yoga with Jamie from Cosmic Kids Yoga. The Zen Den videos are my favourite as they teach me mindfulnessHere is me doing the Frozen one!



Shout out to JACK who answered these tricky addition sums and then coloured this parrot beautifully! Wow!

If you want to have a go at this addition sheet click here  or to try a number identification  or subtraction sheet.

Remember to click ‘leave a reply’ to say hello or send photos or a message via email to the school admin address, with the subject ‘P1 update for Miss Copeland’. Please also state if you are happy for pictures to be posted on the blog 😊

👍 Big thumbs up 👍


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