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Hello from Oreo!

Hi Primary 1, Oreo here!

I felt a little bit glum this morning when I woke up.

The sun was hiding behind a cloud and it was raining.

Miss Copeland reminded me about rainy thoughts and sunny thoughts and how thinking sunny thoughts helps us be resilient. I wrote them down and it made me feel much better.

I hope you are all thinking sunny thoughts too!


I was talking to some friends who were trying to cheer me up and they said that some Zoos have cameras which you can watch from home!

Edinburgh and Kanzas Zoo both have cameras watching penguins which you would find in Antarctica. Kanzas also has a camera to film them underwater!!

Watch here > Edinburgh Zoo  and Kanzas Zoo (America) 

My friends Bella and Beans have a mission which I think you can all help with which might help you think in a sunny way > click here if you want to join their mission.

I’ve also been helping Miss Copeland plan next week’s learning for you to do at school.

Big shout out to Frankie who has been doing some super Spanish work with his mum! This really cheered me up today! Keep up the good work!

Keep sending in pictures as we love seeing what you are up to so click ‘comment’ on here or send an email to the school admin address, with the subject ‘P1 update for Miss Copeland’.

👍 Big thumbs up 👍


p.s. Sunflower update!