P1 Home Learning Wall

Please click to view the first Early Level (P1) Home Learning Wall.

This cross-curricular learning grid is the format we are currently using to assist in learning provision, for the next two weeks. Please work through these items at your own pace and in an order of your choice. Please do adapt activities to suit your own confidence level and what is available to you at home. A new grid will be available next week.

As time goes on, activities will be uploaded on your child’s Active Learn and Education City site. Their individual log in has been written on the inside cover of their reading record, which is kept inside the plastic reading folder. If you have difficulty finding this, please email the school admin account.

Direct links to useful documents and websites:

Learning comes in many forms and through a range of experiences. There is no firm expectation that all of the learning wall will be completed each week. We will endeavour to support you through your learning choices.

Lastly, we would love to see some good examples of learning to share on the class blog. If you would like your photos to be shared, please send to admin@royalmile.edin.sch.uk.

We are missing you all and hope to see you soon!

“Elbow bump”!

Miss Copeland and Oreo


elbow bump

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