Access to Active Learn

Dear Primary 5, 6 and 7,

Hope everyone is doing and keeping well.

Just a quick reminder that every child should have received their logins for Active Learn and Education City. If you cannot find the login or you child was absent when they were given out please email and we will send it out ASAP.

The school code for Active Learn is 3rqh and a quick reminder that to access Education City you have to first select your country as Scotland.

If you have any other questions or queries, please email us as above.

Kind regards,

The Second Level Team


2 thoughts on “Access to Active Learn

    1. rmpstaff Post author

      Hello, I can see that since this comment was written your account has managed to ‘open’ the e-books.

      In case anyone else has not yet found the non-fiction e-books:
      -Log in to ActiveLearn
      -Click the ‘My Stuff’ tab at the top
      -Click the dog icon (black and orange)
      -Click on the book cover you would like to read, (2 available this week)

      Hope that helps,
      Ms Murray


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