February in P3

What an exciting month

Learning all about symmetrical patterns and shapes

Technology fun (exploring digital technologies & food preparation)

DRAMA (acting out 3 little pigs and gingerbread man) , DANCE (creating out own moves and sequences) & MUSIC (focusing on beat & rhythm)

Messy Spelling practice

Gymnastics – forwards and backwards rolls

Science focus ASIA – biodiversity, languages, religions, food and more

exploring and classifying 3D objects

World Religion SIKHISM (key beliefs, significant figures and values) and Art

thI liked singing along to the piano. Robbie

I loved learning about Asia – lots of us are from that continent!

I enjoyed looking for symmetrical patterns and shapes outside! Brax

I liked learning about Sikhism – it is very interesting. Elia

I enjoyed learning about Asian animals. Sarah

I enjoyed learning about Sikhism because I learnt about new people. Casey

I liked practising the backwards roll in gymnastics. Caoimhe

I loved technology, especially programming robot ‘sphero’! Rabia

I enjoyed symmetry – it makes sense. Paige

I enjoyed pretending to be a robot. Mohamed

Reward time is fun. Wahida

th and OIP to lovely