P5 Update

We celebrated poetry day with poet Sally Crabtree. We created some songs, edible poems and magic rings that help us to write amazing poems. Most importantly we used our creativity learning power.

As part of our Make £5 grow Virgin Money Project, we pitched our business idea to visitors from Citibank. They gave us constructive feedback to further support our business venture. 

As part of outdoor learning, we investigated shape, angles and measurement at the Scottish parliament. We were able to find a variety of shapes and angles on the parliament building. We used this information to create a fact file. 

We worked collaboratively to produce a piece of art work that represents our city. We liked the style of Rob Hain and investigated how he uses colour and how he represents buildings. We used a bit of this and a bit of our own creativity. Everyone contributed. 


We participated in a health and wellbeing craft morning. We enjoyed making some seasonal crafts. 


We have started learning about the Georgians. We have been designing Georgian style wigs with ICT. 


Thank you for looking!