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Hello! This is the P7 report team! We are going to bring you the updates and news from Primary 7!

Holyrood Palace

On the 27th of January, P7 had an exclusive tour of Holyrood Palace. Our tour guide told us fascinating facts about the palace and especially the dining room. We were given the task of finding the fake door. People said it was a quick exit! We went to the throne room and saw thrones and talked about the emblems. Did you know they had embroidered screens in front of the fireplace, because women and men used to wear wax-based makeup. If they sat too close to the fire, their face would melt!

Tobacco Education

Laura, a tobacco educator, taught us about tobacco and the dangers of it. We first did an activity to disagree or agree with the statement. We learned that tobacco is a drug, that we can’t buy cigarettes under the age of 18, we also learned that smoking harms more than just the smoker. This is called second hand smoke.

Second hand smoke can stay on pillows, curtains and clothes or fabric for up to 3 weeks. It is important to respect smokers’ choices to smoke and to be polite when asking people to not smoke indoors.